Thursday, 14 April 2016

Travel Agency Script, Tour Operators Readymade Script

If you are a travel agency or tour travel consultant and wish to start your own travel agency website, we have readymade solution for you and you don’t need to spend your fortune for building the website from scratch. We have our Travel Agency Script which is a flexible solution with more than 24 unique features where in, specially through admin you can create different packages, photo gallery and description of package. It is so well aligned that it suits anybody from local travel agent to an international travel agent.
With the help of our Tour Operators Readymade Script users can obtain the information about the available hotels in the particular area they wish to visit, the type of rooms, sports and other events ,etc. In our script consists of many ingrained features like FAQ, each page has listing for phone number and address, Google map integration, latest deal listings, travel guide, etc These are some of the eye-catching features to attract your customers which in turn is the highest advantage of buying our script. If you want any slight modification you can also utilize the hotel search, online booking system etc. Our script consists of live contact page using which you will directly get email in your inbox in case of any inquiry.
Travel packages: The admin can create the travel packages as per preference. The packages can be decided on specific budget, days for tour, services required, etc. It also helps the admin to manage the bookings as it gives report about the upcoming, cancelled and completed bookings.
Live Street View: By visiting the website, the users can have a live street view of any particular location or hotel. Google map integration helps to locate the nearby places.
SEO Friendly: We have custom meta tags for great SEO optimization. The SEO friendly URL will always keep the website amongst top ranks.
Multi-currency: Our product supports multiple currencies.
Multiple payment gateway, Blogs, newsletters, social media: Travel Agency Script is integrated with different payment gateways and supports user blogs, newsletters and social media connection.
User Friendly and Multi-vendor: The script is designed to have a user-friendly navigation so that any person can easily browse without much technical know about. It also supports multiple vendors so that the hotel owners and travel owners can get registered.

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